McKenzie Thompson.
Beautiful shop, wonderful atmosphere, GREAT customer service! Highly Recommend!
Susan Clemons
Sandra takes great care of me every time I'm there.
Adia Arabaty-Ramirez
I got my nails and waxing done. For my nails, I was really heard on what I wanted and not put in pain or leaving with uneven/unsatisfied nails. The wax she corrected from others that have really messed up my hair growth before. She explained what she was doing and real expectations. Great pricing and they do fun raffles and such which is nice. Hope you had a great experience like I did. This place is my new "go-to" 😍
Monica Samano
Mittie the owner of the salon is very knowledgeable about all the services she provides. She has very reasonable prices and she dedicates the time to every customer. I highly recommend this nail salon. Also Mariana and Monica they do excellent job in pedicure
Eva Aragon
I have been getting my nails done with Mittie for over 10 years. I love her work! She is patient and goes above and beyond for her clients. She really takes care of my cuticles. I’ve never had any bad experiences with her, I work with a lot of water and chemicals and never had I had issues with lifting. Highly recommend her services!!
Katilynn Harrison-Corey
Loved my experience here. The quality of work has always been amazing. This is the only place I’ll go to get my nails done. They do beautiful work.
Shanique Serenash
There was no wait. My tech was very fast, skilled and so professional. Clean salon, she wore a mask, had the shield up between herself and I, had alcohol based hand sanitizer available, and even left the door open for fresh air to come in. I got something simple for work.. Can't wait to go back!